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Wyatt Cheng Talk About The Drawbacks Of The Current Game Battle
Game designer Wyatt Cheng discuss a bit today about the shortcomings of the current combat system, and in more detail about some of his views.
Diablo 3 PS3 Platform Patch Update List
Blizzard today released the 1.02 patch update for the PS3 list , please note XBOX updated version of the patch has not been announced .Crash fix: Fix
Tan Peak Level 2.0 Full Summary Of The Current Information System
These days of the weekend , the community manager Lylirra has been on "My two shamans are 100 when you can have several roles to statistics into peak
Auction Closed Handling Various Issues Are Still Being Studied
A very loving boy for his cousin to buy two dozen at Walmart auction prepaid card ready next year to give him a birthday gift with the results Blizzar

Diablo 3 1.05 How To Choose To Suit Their Own MP Level

With blizzard explanation MP system, especially the extra drop data released, the building Lord has been interested in question finally a rough answer. How in 1.05 the most efficiency of MF Diablo 3 Gold?

First of all in their own monk role for model analysis, basic set to: scene A3, their own 300 mf value, 30% combat time, 70% run chart time hypothesis run chart time constant, it will be set to 1, and combat time is about 3/7. Because the present A3 difficulty equivalent to about 1.05 MP2, can calculate the building Lord battle effectiveness: monster life/combat time = 2.25 / (3/7) = 5.25. The combat effectiveness of only five!

Visible,  the most efficient level for MP3. Then, change the battle effectiveness Settings, can be found in every MP levels to achieve the highest MF efficiency, you need to achieve much fighting capacity. For example: combat effectiveness is proportional to the panel damage, but as a result of various professional/build mechanism is different, can't simply through the panel damage directly measure their combat effectiveness, and may, according to their own fight time and run chart time for simple estimation. Algorithm for: to run chart time to 1, estimate their own combat time, your battle effectiveness = 2.25 / (combat time/run chart time).

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